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Donald Trump Offers Some Men’s Fashion Tips

Posted on May 24 2017

Donald Trump Offers Some Men’s Fashion Tips

Hey, Donald Trump, did you read our last post on how to dress for black-tie events?

OK, probably not, but among other similarities, the tuxedo and accessories he wore for the recent inauguration balls sported many of the tips we mentioned in the post.

  • Black jacket with a peaked lapel (his lapels were black satin). The jacket was a little long, but it was properly fitted and suited his larger frame.
  • Black bow-tie (of course)
  • Black pants – though they were baggier than current trends would have, again, they suited his body type.
  • White shirt with a turned-down collar and concealed buttons

OK, we admit it’s an easy win to say the President of the United States wore exactly what we recommended for a black-tie affair because there really aren’t that many options.

But, if you want fashion tips about dressing for big occasions, checking things out at a presidential inauguration is not a bad place to start.

In addition to the black-tie outfit, Trump also sported some suitably conservative choices for the actual inauguration earlier in the day.

1. Cashmere Overcoat

While he wore a single-breasted, two-button dark gray suit underneath, the colder temperatures kept it hidden under a dark blue cashmere coat.

2. Starched White Shirt

The unbuttoned cashmere coat revealed a white shirt with a tall, spread collar.

3. Red Tie

In an outfit that can’t get too flashy, many new presidents opt for a brighter tie. The red of Trump’s tie is a nod to the official colour of the Republican party and completes a ‘red, white and blue’ patriotic colour scheme when combined with the shirt and coat.

While Trump owns his own line of men’s clothing, his inauguration shirt and coat are suspected to be by Brooks Brothers, who have outfitted 39 presidents since the company was founded in 1818.