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Don’t Look Now But Funky Socks are Everywhere

Posted on November 14 2017

Don’t Look Now But Funky Socks are Everywhere

Until recently, sock designs have been, well, blah. Even boxer shorts enjoyed more design creativity and freedom than the lowly sock. Other than traditional designs like argyles, socks are usually a range of monotone blacks, browns and greys. Yes, a few decades ago, Michael Jackson brought socks to the forefront of fashion, but even those were plain white.

But no more. Funky socks have emerged as one of the few ways, along with ties, that a man can express his personality, or his love of pizza, while still being in proper business attire.

Just in case you haven’t noticed, funky sock designs are popping up everywhere

1. The Prime Minister

Love him or hate him, he’s developed a reputation for wearing colourful sock designs, even to the stuffiest political meetings and events. He’s even been seen in a pair of halal, Muslim hipster socks.

2. In the October 2017 Issue of GQ

If you’re looking for the latest trend in trendy socks, check out the latest GQ. You’ll spot Jeff Bridges sporting a pair of ‘stoned’ socks while reclining in an old bathtub. It’s an image that could easily be of Bridges’ somewhat-stoned character “The Dude”, made famous in film “The Big Lebowski”. Introducing them as ‘fall’ socks, they are similar to the heavy wool socks you wear on the coldest winter days, except cozier and without the itch, because they are made of cotton. GQ is careful to note that you want these socks “stoner-inspired without being y’know, completely zonked.”

3. Hockey Night in Canada

Just to show that anyone can pull off the funky-sock look, hockey broadcaster Elliotte Friedman has been sporting them for a number of seasons now.