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3 Men’s Clothing Care Habits You Need to Start Now

Posted on June 16 2020

3 Men’s Clothing Care Habits You Need to Start Now



So how are all your business suits, blazers, and dress pants, shirts and shoes been doing lately? Ok, let’s rephrase that. Can you remember the last day you sported a blazer for an evening on the town?

While the casual men’s clothing style that most of us have adopted during these pandemic times may be a welcome change, there’s one downside. Without regular use in your daily clothing rotation, your business and dress clothing needs proper maintenance and care. Without it, they may not come out of COVID-19 looking the same as when they went in.

Clothing Care Tips to Keep Your Menswear Looking Great


We thought we’d take this opportunity to share some tips on keeping your clothes in good shape while they wait in the closet for the crisis to pass. Of course, we’d need more space to offer complete care tips for every article of clothing you have. But, we’ve put together a few clothing care “highlights” that you may not be using right now, and that will go a long way to keeping your clothes looking sharp.


  1. Fabric Garment Bags - You should keep your business suits and blazers stored in fabric garment bags. The bags prevent the suits from getting wrinkled and they keep dust from settling into the fabric and dulling its appearance. The fabric of the bag lets your suits breathe and not get stale.

  2. Hang Dry Dress Shirts on a Proper Hanger - Contrary to popular belief, machine washing cotton dress shirts isn’t that bad for them and may be better than dry cleaning. But it’s machine drying your shirts that can do some damage. Instead, after it's been through the spin cycle in the washer, hang the shirt on a proper wooden hanger and place it in a well-ventilated area to air dry.

  3. Use a Shoe Tree - A wooden shoe tree helps to keep your shoes looking great and lasting longer a couple ways. First, they help maintain the shape of the shoe and the wood helps absorb excess moisture in the shoe that can prematurely age the leather.
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