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Casual Wear For Men To Elevate Their Winter Style

Posted on January 12 2022


With winter here, you want to stay warm and comfortable when leaving your home. However, it can be hard to find casual wear that can still make you feel professional, yet cozy. But, there are ways to layer your clothes to elevate your casual style during the winter. 

How To Elevate Your Winter Style


Crewnecks are an ideal choice for you if you want to look put together but stay casual. Not only can they be easily layered and dressed up, but they can have a laid-back appearance. Pairing a simple crewneck with a pair of jeans or joggers is one outfit that can make you feel comfortable and casual. 


A turtleneck can be formal for a dinner party or dressed down for a nice night in. A casual turtleneck tends to be solid in colour, as opposed to having a pattern, so it is easily paired with other clothing items. They can be layered with trench coats or leather jackets if you want to wear a turtleneck outside and need to stay warm. 


Joggers are a very comfortable garment that can be paired with any shirt. Whether it's a t-shirt, crewneck, or turtleneck, joggers keep your outfit casual but still make the outfit put together. Styling joggers with a nice pair of boots is one way to make the casual garment more stylish, or pairing them with a turtleneck as well. 


If you want to wear jeans with a t-shirt, one way to elevate the outfit is with a nice belt. Belts can add a pop of colour to your outfit or add patterns that make the outfit stand out. 

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