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Be Cool – Wear Shorts

Posted on June 10 2016

Be Cool – Wear Shorts

Pity the poor pair of shorts. Having performed admirably as part of military kit throughout history, and having been the centre piece of proper business attire in warmer climes, today’s shorts are generally relegated to the “casual wear” department.

It’s an unfortunate turn of events because, simply by showing short pants some respect, you can make a distinctive fashion statement.

Here a few tips for how to wear short pants this summer.

1. They are “Pants” Too

And you should treat them that way. We’ve fallen into the habit of not being too concerned about the fit of short pants. To get out of that habit, just remember that they are pants too. They should fit around your waist and above your knee the same as your long pants fit in the same places.

2. Think About the Entire Look

When you get the right fit, don’t just throw on an old T. Try collared cotton shirts, and tuck them in. If it’s a little cool in the evening, a light cardigan will set-off the whole ensemble nicely.

3. The Right Shoes

Either too dressy or too casual will ruin the outfit. Boat shoes, topsiders and even a decent pair of sandals are the way to go. “Secret” or ankle socks are preferred, but if you’re bold enough to go longer with your hosiery, go all the way to the knee – half way up your ankle is for tourists.

4. Careful with the Cargos

If they are the bulky ones you wore in high school, leave them there. Make sure they are trim and that the pockets are not bulging out from over use.

5. They are Called Shorts for a Reason

If they fall below your knee, they have fallen too far. Shorter styles are being shown on fashion runways this year, but us everyday people may not be ready to go too short just yet. Hems should fall anywhere from below mid-thigh to just above the kneecap.

There’s no need to keep your legs wrapped up in long pants all summer. Put on a pair of shorts and be cool.