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3 Unique Bachelor Party Gift Ideas for Your Groomsmen

Posted on May 22 2019

Ed's Fine Imports shares some bachelor party gift ideas

Considering how much there is to do leading up to the wedding day, coming up with bachelor party gift ideas for your groomsmen can feel like a chore more than the great opportunity that it really is.

Actual gift ideas are easy to come by, like a personalized beer mug. But you have the opportunity to give a gift with a little more meaning, one that won’t sit on a shelf with all the other personalized beer mugs, one that will stand the test of time, one that is worthy of your friendship and the occasion.

Unique Bachelor Party Gift Ideas

A great way to come up with ideas is to think about something you have in common, like a sport, pastime or mutual interest, or choose something that is a unique memento of the occasion.

  1. A Money Clip - OK. This one might not knock your socks off, but think about it. First, in getting married you’re taking on more responsibility in your life, and your marriage may be a milestone in all of your groomsmen’s lives. Second, if they are like most, they have a wallet that’s seen better days. Help them take better care of their money, literally, and remember your special day every time they use the money clip.
  2. Security Wallet -  Again, especially if you’re the first of the gang to get married, you and your friends are moving on to a new stage in life. One where not just any old wallet will do. Security wallets protect the credit cards inside them from unwanted wireless communication that could result in identity theft.
  3. Themed Cufflinks - If you golf together, get them something they can bring to the course every time you play. Or give a gift that you all can share, but that each man can enjoy on his own too, like themed cufflinks that feature your favourite sports team’s logo, or that celebrate a shared interest in music, or indulge your love of cars.

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