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Avoid These 21st Century Men’s Fashion Disasters

Posted on June 18 2018

Men's fashion disasters | Ed's fine imports
Look through the history on men's fashion and, while the change was constant, one thing remained the same until relatively recently. There was no mistaking good style.

Towards the end of the last century, however, a welcome transition took over. With corporate trends like ‘dress-down’ Fridays and a general shift to more self-expression through your clothing, the formal rules of being stylish changed too.

But the unfortunate downside of the ‘you-be-you’ trend is that the line between good style and fashion mistakes has blurred. The result is that today, with the idea that anything goes, men very often express themselves with fashion styles that are, well, neither fashionable or stylish.

5 Men’s Fashion Disasters of the 21st Century

1. Thinking That Style Doesn't Matter

That ‘self-expression’ thing has one fatal style flaw. It’s produced its own style that is has become almost uniform. Look into any ‘hip’ start-up and you’re bound to see a great selection of funky t-shirts, hoodies, ripped and pre-washed jeans, and all manner of Converse All-Stars. In other words, on the quest to express ourselves, we’ve ended up looking much the same. Style matters in that it’s a great way to set yourself apart in the workplace and on the town.

2. Phablet in Your Pockets

So let’s say you decide to take the leap and invest more time and energy in developing your own fashion style. Don’t ruin it with a massive smartphone (or another gizmo) in your shirt, suit or pants pockets. Wear your clothes, not your gadgets.

3. Pauly D (and his hair products) are So Last Decade

Despite recent attempts at flogging a dead horse, Jersey Shore and the massive amounts of hair gel and grease consumed by its male stars is over 10 years old. Again, when a style is almost universal, it’s almost like it’s not a style. Hair products are good, overusing them is bad.

4. Being a Billboard

Never have so many people so willing promoted so many brands. Then those of us who seem to think that walking around in a t-shirt with a massive Gucci logo makes us fashionable. Either sign a contract and get paid for advertising a brand or be yourself.

5. The Loose Tie

This just doesn’t cut it. One loose tie ruins the whole effect of good style. If your tie is uncomfortable, you're not wearing it properly.
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