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Accessories Put the ‘You’ in Your Wardrobe

Posted on November 27 2017

Accessories Put the ‘You’ in Your Wardrobe

You’ve seen those sci-fi flicks where citizens in some future civilization all wear the same outfit. While the film’s producers and wardrobe people probably made the choice to save money on dressing everyone in different designs, the uniform look for the citizens of another planet certainly makes them look, well, alien.

Bringing it closer to home, imagine every man wearing a business suit entirely without accessories. Considering that most men probably have only three or four colours/styles of suits, it might start looking like we’re all from Planet 9, dressed in grey jacket and pants, or blue, or brown.

Accessories Set Us Apart

It’s only when we add accessories that we can really start making a statement with a business suit. It’s not just about the accessories, but by breaking up and/or highlighting different parts of the suit, you help the suit reach its full potential too.

The basic accessory for any suit is the tie, and it’s also the accessory with the largest impact on the overall look. Here are just a few other accessories you can use to make more of a statement with your business attire.

1. Pocket Square/Handkerchief

No matter what you call it, it sets off your suit more than anything after your tie. Considering that you can sport a simple ‘Mad Men’-style of just a clean line peaking out of the pocket, use different folds, or just go free-style, even how you wear your handkerchief makes a statement.

2. Cufflinks

There’s perhaps no accessory that says ‘sharp-dressed man’ more than a set of cufflinks. If nothing else, it shows that you’re wearing a full-on dress shirt and business attire doesn’t get better dressed than that.

3. Tie Bars and Tie Chains

If cuff links add the bling factor, tie bars and chains can take it up a notch. Not only are they stylish, but they keep your tie from looking like Dilbert’s.

If you’re looking for more ways to set your business suit apart from the rest with accessories, drop into Ed’s Fine Imports, we’ll be happy to show you some nifty options.