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A Quick Review of Menswear ‘How To’ Guides

Posted on November 19 2018

Here are some essential men's fashion how-to guides from Eds Fine Imports

Hot on the heels of our informative “Your Complete Guide to Shining Men’s Shoes” blog post series, we thought you might like to get more tips on the “how to’s” of menswear.

Unfortunately, too many guys feel the only requirement for looking good is staying on trend with the latest fashions. But if it was that easy, we’d all look fabulous.

If you want to be seen as a standout for your personal style in clothing, the devil's in the details. You could have a silk suit and a $200 shirt, but it’ll all be for nothing if your tie isn’t right.

3 Menswear How-To Guides to Help You Look Your Best

You’ll find men’s fashion ‘how to’s’ all over the web. We found these three particularly helpful.

  1. How to Fold a Pocket Square - If you want to know the importance of a pocket square as a men’s fashion accessory, consider the following. Let’s say you don’t have the silk suit and you buy your shirts at Walmart. The best way to divert attention from that fact is a great, well-folded pocket square.
  2. How to Tie a Tie Knot - We have never found a guide for tie knots that’s more complete than this one. It covers every aspect of ties and choosing the right knots, from the shape of your face to getting the perfect dimple in the tie. And it even shows you how to get your bow tie right every time.
  3. How to Tie Your Shoelaces So They Won’t Come Undone - While it may not be the worst fashion faux pas, untied shoelaces make you look sloppy, and they are downright dangerous. In addition to not coming undone, the knot in this article also sits horizontally across your shoe, instead of twisting diagonally. We told you the devil’s in the details!

If you’re looking for more menswear advice and fashions, visit us here at Ed’s Fine Imports, or contact us.