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A Men’s Packing List of Clothes for Summer Weekend Getaways

Posted on June 30 2016

A Men’s Packing List of Clothes for Summer Weekend Getaways

A Men’s Packing List of Clothes for Summer Weekend Getaways

If you have a cottage or some other regular summer retreat, you’re lucky; you can keep a separate weekend wardrobe there and don’t have to worry too much about what clothes to take every time you visit.

But if your summer weekends are more spontaneous, including visits to one of the great resorts we have in Southern Ontario, or to friends’ cottages, you’ll be wondering what you need to pack.

It’s a problem because you want to pack as lightly as possible, but also be prepared for anything the weather might throw at you. In Southern Ontario, even in summer that means, well, anything.

Here’s a suggested minimum packing list of clothes that should cover all the bases, but can also fit in the average weekender bag.

1. Shirts

Even for a two-day weekend, we suggest at least three shirts. A t-shirt works to keep you cool and comfortable on hot days, while helping to keep you warm as an undershirt on cool evenings. A polo shirt is similarly cool during the day, but can add a bit of style for evening socializing. A long-sleeve cotton shirt offers full protection from the sun during the day and, at night, bug protection and added warmth.

2. Pants

Again, at least three pairs of pants are most convenient. Two pairs of short pants because you’ll likely be spending most of your time in them. One pair of long, light cotton pants give you warmth in the evenings, bug protection and something a bit more formal in case you head out for the night.

3. Jackets

You should have at least a light rain jacket. But, if you know the weekend will be cooler, you can make it a warmer jacket or pack a hoodie.

4. Extras

This might be dictated by personal preference, but you should at least consider one pair of underwear per day, a hat for sun protection, one pair of full socks and a pair of secret socks, sandals and walking shoes, a pair of swimming trunks (two if you don’t like getting into them when they are wet), sunglasses and a belt for your pants.

If you manage to find the right balance between packing lightly and being ready for whatever comes along, you’ll have a great weekend.