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3 Wardrobe Essentials Every Man Needs This Fall

Posted on October 07 2021

3 Wardrobe Essentials Every Man Needs This Fall

With fall here, we get to bring out our fall attire and see the new fashion trends. The fall season is a great time to dress your best while feeling comfortable. It is also arguably the season with the most diverse and unique fashion trends.

So, to prepare for the fall let's go over some wardrobe essentials to keep you warm and looking good.

Textured Fabrics  

Textured fabrics are a great way to keep your outfit simple while still appearing put together. The best part is that textured fabrics tend to be thicker making them suitable for fall. You can choose silk, corduroy, wooden knits, or even velvet for your textured fabrics. 

Neutral Shades

Incorporating neutral components in your outfits is essential for fall. Black, white, grey and beige tones are a must-have in your closet. If you are wearing colours, these shades will help balance and accentuate them. So, make sure you have some staple neutral pieces as part of your outfits. 


It's time to say goodbye to sandals and hello to boots. Not only do your feet need to be warm as the weather cools, but boots can help make you look more professional and stylish. There are so many different boot styles and options, you're sure to find one you like. If you'd like to add a new pair of boots to your shoe rack, check out the collection at Ed's Fine Imports.

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