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6 Tips You Can Take Away from Europe’s Fashion Weeks

Posted on February 06 2016

6 Tips You Can Take Away from Europe’s Fashion Weeks

In our last post, we talked about some of the trends the emerged from London’ 2016 Men’s Fashion Week. It’s another week and that means another Fashion Week in another country and city.

If you’re a man who likes to dress fashionably, you better have a big budget. Picking up an item that you spotted on the runway can get pricey. A floral-print men’s spring jacket from a recent Gucci show would set you back over $3,000.

But, if you put a little bit of your own creativity into it, you can spot a trend on the runways and capitalize on it without breaking the bank. So far this year, we’ve noticed the following styles emerging from the European fashion capitals.

1. Florals – This spring Don Cherry won’t be the only guy sporting floral print jackets in Toronto. And these aren’t your Mom’s florals either. Darker prints on leather and large, bright prints on silk-twill fabrics are the way to go. And you’ll get extra points for less realistic, more stylized florals.

2. Big Baggy Sweaters – Oversized sweaters were featured on more than one runway. If you can find a large cardigan that fits below your hips, you’re in.

3. Cardigan Cinches – As an accessory to the big sweater, many designers included a cinch to gather in all the extra fabric around your waist.

4. Old Style is New Style – The trend to larger fits continues through casual wear with open-neck bowling shirts and wide-leg trousers.

5. Military Flare – In contrast to the bright coloured prints, military-inspired wool jackets in browns and khakis, combined with combat boots, give you an option if you’re not in a colourful mood.

6. Mixed-Up Patterns – Mixed shapes and prints, like bulky floral jackets and skinny, camouflage jeans are ready to go when you come home and want to get out of – and completely away from – your matching suit and tie.

If these ideas don’t get you thinking of spring fashion trends, then at least you know the warm weather is too far away.