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5 Tips & Tricks of Good Grooming for Men

Posted on July 16 2018

Tools for good grooming for men | Ed's Fine Imports
Good grooming for men goes way beyond keeping your hair styled. Have you ever wondered how some guys seem to look good in anything they wear? They can be wearing a shirt that looks like it was tailored for an elephant, pants from the last century - and white socks - but still rock the whole outfit.

First, the sad fact is that we don’t all look like fashion models (actually, that’s a really good thing). But one of the reasons that some men look good in just about anything is simply good grooming.

Tips & Tricks of Good Grooming for Men

Presuming you have the aforementioned well-groomed hair, and shower at least a few times a week, here are just a few ways to up your grooming game.

1. Get an All-in-One Hair Grooming Kit

You know, the one that has countless attachments for different lengths of hair, trimming sideburns and facial hair, and even a trimmer for keeping the jungle out of your nose and ears.
There are three reasons why you need the all-in-one kit. First, you should groom yourself at least as often as you shower. Having the right tools at hand makes that much easier to do. Also, using the wrong tools, like trying to trim the bushy brows with your nail clipper, can produce the wrong results.
Finally, with so many close-cropped hairstyles being all the rage, your hairdo can be too long in a week. But a maintenance trim can keep you looking sharp without taking time out to go to the barber.

2. Use a Facial Scrub

Nothing like dead skin to ruin all your other good grooming efforts. A weekly face scrub exfoliates the skin to keep it, and you, looking its best.

3. Think About Water

From making sure you stay hydrated, to using the right water temperature in the shower, water plays a bigger role in looking well groomed than most men realize.
First, the hydration keeps your hair and skin healthy and wrinkle-free. Never met a well-groomed wrinkle, have you? In the shower, stick to lukewarm temperatures. Steaming hot water can actually dry out your skin.

4. Shave with the Grain

This can take some getting used to. But the payoff is fewer cuts, irritation and razor rash following your shave. Even the best grooming and best-fitted men's suit don’t look good topped by a blotchy face. If at first, you find your shave isn’t as close as when you go against the grain, try the second lap.

5. Try a Water-Based Pomade

Not only will it keep your hair looking as good as it's oil-based counterpart, but it washes out with water. That means you won’t have to shower and shampoo as often, which will keep your hair and skin healthily moisturized.
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