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5 Tips for Wearing a Tie Bar

Posted on June 14 2023

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There's no mistaking the fit, feel and look of a well-tailored men's suit and tie. Unless the tie's out of place. Then, despite all the time and effort you put into looking sharp, you don't. And that's where the tie bar comes in.

But, keeping your tie in place is just the first way a tie bar helps improve your entire outfit. The tie bar's size, shape and design also help set your suit apart from the rest and can help you make a statement.

It all means that a small tie bar has a big job to do. And here are just a few tips for wearing a tie bar to get the job done right.

Choose Your Type of Tie Bar

The two basic designs of tie bars are pinch clasps and slide clasps. Pinch clasps work like small clamps. They are placed by squeezing together the handles, positioning the bar, and releasing the handles. Side clasps slide onto your tie from the side.

Pinch clasps are best at holding their placement, but side clasps have a flatter fit. You should have a selection of both styles so you're ready for whatever your occasion and/or outfit calls for.

Make Sure it's Fastened to Your Shirt

Yes, you can wear a tie bar that is only clipped to your tie. But, at least where tie bars are concerned, you should consider function before form. If the idea is to keep your tie in place, then you should clip the tie to your shirt too. In fact, if you don't, you can increase the chance of your tie shifting out of place due to the extra weight of the bar.

Choose the Best Location 

Where you place the bar on your tie is crucial to how well it balances your outfit. Too high or too low just doesn't work. A rough rule of thumb is to place the tie bar between the third and fourth button from the top of a dress shirt. But, depending on the styling of your jacket, you may need to adjust the exact location up or down so the bar is clearly seen while still doing its job.

Size it Right 

While many of these tips are guidelines, consider the following as unbreakable rules. First, for business and formal wear, your tie bar should never be longer than the width of your tie. Second, it shouldn't be less than half the width of the tie.

Generally speaking, you're safe with a bar length that is between one-half and three-quarters the width of your tie.

Colour & Style

This is where you can get creative. There are many tie bar styles and colours that can fit many different outfits. These include gold, silver and black bars. Which one you choose not only depends on your outfit but on your tie and other accessories too. If you want to make more of s statement with your tie bar, consider a solid-colour tie. 

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