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5 Tips for Effective Men’s Wardrobe Management – Part Two

Posted on April 23 2016

5 Tips for Effective Men’s Wardrobe Management – Part Two

Last week we discussed 5 time-saving fashion tips to keep your wardrobe looking it’s best, now let’s chat about maintain your wardrobe. As spring finally takes hold in Toronto, it’s time to change your winter rotation of outfits for cooler summer fashions. It’s also a great time to do a bit of wardrobe management. Maintaining your style means knowing what’s in your wardrobe so you can determine what stays, what goes and where you need to make new additions.

Without regularly organizing and taking stock of your clothing collection, you run the risk of duplication and extra spending, without actually keeping your fashion style as up-to-date as it can be.

Without further ado, here are a few tips for wardrobe maintenance that will help keep you presenting the right image.

  1. Keep Your Vision

    Until people get to know you, nothing expresses who you are more than your clothing. Just like your personality isn’t all over the road, so too must your wardrobe be. Yes, of course you have different moods and moments that can mean you’ll be in ripped jeans and a t-shirt one day and a customer-tailored suit the next. But you must maintain your personal style throughout your wardrobe and not necessarily jump on every fashion trend that pops up.

  2. Out With the Old

    Yes, you had a lot of good times in that jacket, but if it’s looking worse for the wear and tear, it’s best to free up room in your wardrobe by sending it along to its next assignment.

  1. Reduce Redundancy

    Do you have two shirts that are so alike that you’re never sure which one to wear? Look for some reason to get rid of one of them.

  1. Group Your Clothing

    You’ve seen the “Wall Street”-type films where the uber-rich protagonist enters a walk-in closet with dozens of tailored suit jackets all grouped into similar colours. Well, it’s a great idea to reduce the time it takes you to get ready. In addition to colours, you can also group your clothes into business wear, casual wear and seasonal items.

  1. Put the Tools to Work

    You’ll be amazed at how many products are out there to help you organize your wardrobe. At very least, you should invest in wooden hangers to keep the shape of your clothes, plastic bins to store off-season items and shoe trees to make it easier to find the pair you want to wear and to help them dry out properly after use.

A closet overhaul my seem like a chore, but it’s actually a lot of fun and you’ll be happy you did it every time you choose something to wear.