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5 Tips for Buying Boys’ Suits

Posted on August 24 2016

5 Tips for Buying Boys’ Suits

5 Tips for Buying Boys’ Suits

If you’re a family man who likes to dress well, you’ve probably wondered if your son will inherit your fashion sense. If you want to give that sense a little ‘push’, a custom-tailored suit might be the boys first foray into what it means to be well dressed.

Almost more than developing a sense of style, it also helps your son’s confidence when he shows up looking his best at those events that call for a suit, including weddings, graduations and religious ceremonies.

It all sounds good, but one of the other things you might have thought of is: who can afford t buy a custom-fitted suit every year? Because that’s at least how often you need to buy clothes if you want them to fit properly.

The good news is that a custom suit can be altered somewhat as your boy grows so that he will get far more use from it than an off-the-rack outfit.

So when it’s time to put your son into his first proper suit, here are a few things to keep in mind to get the best results.

1. Styles

Men’s suit styles have wavered between single- and double-breasted for many decades and both basic styles lend themselves well to boy’s sizes.

2. Fit

While it may be cute to see your son decked out in the latest tailored slim styles, you will reduce the ‘working life’ of the suit by making it too fitted. Keep sleeves and pant legs a little longer than you would for Dad.

3. Materials

Remember, regardless of the occasion, or how well-dressed he is, a boy is likely to find a way to climb a tree, or slide on a floor, or find some other way to put the suit to uses for which it was never intended. Choose a durable fabric weight.

4. Colors and Patterns

Generally boys’ suits will stick with neutral colours like black, gray and blue. Many of the most popular and longstanding suit patterns, including pinstripes, lend themselves well to boys’ suits.

5. Listen to Your Boy

Whatever you do, if you want your son to enjoy the whole process of dressing well, let his personal taste shine through in the suit he chooses, regardless of how far that taste lies from yours. Remember, you have had a couple decades or more to develop your style, so give his a chance to start.

One More Tip: If you want your child to look his best, head for a men’s clothing store that specializes in boys’ suits (like Ed’s Fine Imports!!), because they are more than just a mini version of ‘grown-up’ suits.