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5 Shirts You Need if You Like to Go Tie-Less

Posted on October 27 2017

5 Shirts You Need if You Like to Go Tie-Less

As we head into the “no-more-holidays-or-long-weekends-til-Christmas” part of the year, you might want to pick up your mood by checking your shirt wardrobe and filling in any gaps.

If your company has a business casual dress policy, you know it’s not as easy as simply ‘no jeans’. Mastering the air-tie requires the right combination of shirts if you want to dress your best.

If there is one shirt that’s most difficult to wear sans-tie, it’s the classic white dress shirt. It’s simply made to be the backdrop for a tie in a more formal ensemble.

Considering you probably have more than one classic-white in your wardrobe, they might account for a decent chunk of your shirt roster. If you want to add some panache to the tie-less look, start adding patterns to your collection. Here are just a few standards that should be in in every man’s wardrobe.

1. Vertical Stripes

In addition to being an eternally classic pattern, vertical stripes have the added bonus of making you look taller and slimmer, just in case you’ve let your gym membership lapse.

2. The Cross Hatch

Another timeless pattern, you might want to have a few cross-hatch options including looser and tighter grids – and colour combinations, of course.

3. Pin Dots

Referring to any tight, repeating pattern, pin dots might offer you the greatest amount of variety in pattern options. You’d be amazed at what designers can use instead of the standard round polka dot.

4. Checks

Perhaps the latest pattern to become a standard, checks can be as formal and informal as you like, or dare.

5. The Free-Style

Fortunately, there’s no limit to designers’ creativity, which means there’s no limit to the variety of patterns out there. Seek out the one that uniquely represents you and/or makes a statement.

If you’re looking for more great pattern shirts and business casual wardrobe ideas, drop into Ed’s Fine Imports.