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5 Menswear Must-Haves for the University Graduate

Posted on May 11 2018

University Graduate Mens Style | Ed's Fine Imports

Last year around this time, we gave university grads some men’s style guidelines. As a basic style guide for acing job interviews, we told you about why it’s wise to dress  conservatively, choose quality over quantity, get fitted, wear jackets and to remember your entire outfit, right down to your shoes.

For this year’s graduate, we’ve expanded our menswear style advice to include specific fashions to help you rock the interview and start your career looking fine.

1. Medium Blue Trim-Fit Suit

When we said conservative, we didn’t mean boring. While many grads choose darker grays and blues, a medium blue has the same versatility and moderate look, without seeming run-of-the mill.

2. White Cotton Dress Shirt

By the time you build out your entire business wardrobe, you’ll probably have a few of these. This is the definitive business shirt.

3. Quality Neckwear

If there’s one fashion item you can add a little more personality to, it’s the tie. As long as you don’t go over-the-top with a pattern of your favourite emojis, top quality neckwear in a variety of colours and styles will serve you well for a long time to come.

4. A Blazer/Dress Pants Combination

While we’re talking about ‘must-haves’ for suits, shirts, etc., you also ‘must have’ something other than a single outfit if you manage to land the job. Choosing a men's blazer and matching dress pants will not only add another option, but it gives you the versatility to mix’n’match for a variety of colours and looks.

5. A Multi-Tasking Wallet

Looking organized never hurts. During interviews, you’ll need to carry your business cards, smartphone and your usual wallet contents. Packing a wallet that lets you present everything stylishly can make more of a statement than you think.

6. Remember the Shoes

You’ll never regret investing in a solid pair of black captoe shoes, so there’s no time like the present to make the investment.

If you want to get more men’s fashion tips for landing your first gig and starting your career in style, visit us here at Ed’s Fine Imports.