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5 Men’s Fashion Tips for Spring & Summer 2017

Posted on May 07 2017

5 Men’s Fashion Tips for Spring & Summer 2017

One of the best parts of living in a place that’s cold for half the year is that it feels fantastic every spring to make the big swap in your wardrobe from winter’s bulkiness to spring and summer’s lighter styles.

While the spring and summer haute couture fashions ran down the runway last year, the good folks and GQ magazine took a look back at what you should be packing in your wardrobe for warmer weather this year.

  1. The Colour is Stone – While it shows up in a few different shades, ‘stone’ was popular with a number of designers for this year. Falling anywhere between off-white and sandy beige, stone works well for a light-coloured summer suit and is a great alternative to full-on white jeans.
  1. Vertical Stripes are Back – Their height-increasing effect makes verticals a menswear mainstay, so they never really left. But, this year, in what seemed like a battlefield of wildly varying patterns and textures, vertical stripes came out as the favourite. New for this year, and falling into the trend of mixing patterns, is varying the widths of your stripes and making sure a pastel colour is among them.
  1. The Silver Goes to Pink – Again, while patterns continued to run wild, a few solid colours emerged and warm, dusty shades of pink came in a close second to the aforementioned stone.
  1. Punk Rocks – Punk influences were seen in a number of different collections. While trousers trended away from hipster-slim, the stove-pipes were still a force to be reckoned with across the spectrum, from solid colours, to acid-splashed and bold patterns.
  2. Purple Gets the Bronze – Whether it was due to the Queen’s 90th, or the release of two Batman films, or Prince’s untimely passing, purple was yet another solid colour to break through all the patterns, squares and strips to be sported on jackets, trousers and tees, albeit in somewhat muted shades.

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