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4 Ways To Style Men's Shorts

Posted on July 25 2022

man, wearing, shorts, on, sidewalk

In the summer, every man wants to be comfortable. Considering the weather gets warmer, this usually means that shorts are the go to pants option. So, it is important for you to know how to style them.

Let’s go over 4 ways to style men’s shorts. 

Choose A Linen Fabric 

Men’s shorts don’t always have to be gym shorts or cotton. Linen shorts are a lighter fabric that can be ideal for super hot days. Many will choose linen shorts for a pool day where you will constantly be in the heat. You can style linen shorts with a polo shirt or even a linen button up. 

Bermuda Shorts 

If you are going for a more casual but put together look, then Bermuda shorts are for you. They can be considered semi-casual and most commonly come in cotton. You can pair these with suits or dress shirts for an office party or barbeque. This way, you look put together and stay comfortable. 

Bright Colours

If your closet does not have many different colours, then grab some coloured shorts. You can pair these with any neutral shirt and can wear them to any event. Choosing a bright colour helps to bring attention to your outfit and can help you to stand out. They are also perfect for summer since bright colours tend to be popular. 

Baggy shorts 

Baggy shorts tend to also be called gym shorts. The most important thing when it comes to styling baggy shorts is to know your body type. Make sure it doesn’t look like you are swimming in the shorts, and that the length is right. If not, it may make your body seem unproportionate. You can try on different styles and lengths to see what works with your body type. 

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