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4 Ideas to Style a Men’s Wardrobe for the Holidays

Posted on December 10 2019

4 Ideas to Style a Men’s Wardrobe for the Holidays

Unless you’re in a heated annual competition for the worst Christmas sweater, there’s really no need to make any significant investment in your wardrobe for the holiday season. If you’ve kept your wardrobe up-to-date, you should have at least a few selections that are suitable for holiday wear to office parties, family gatherings and outings with friends. 

And it’ll give you yet another chance to sport your wardrobe of mens’ dress clothes that you’ve spent the time and money to put together. 

Ideas to Style Your Mens Wardrobe for the Holidays

  1. Trot Out the Turtlenecks - Ugly sweaters notwithstanding, we can’t think of any item of menswear that says “it’s Christmas time!” more than a neat turtleneck sweater. Maybe it's the practicality of being in style while staying warm too. Combine your sweater with a contrasting blazer, and dress pants or casual pants, for a timelessly classic look.

  2. Plaid Patterns - This may be a traditional pattern for menswear at Christmas, but up-to-date plaids give it a whole new look and lease on life. Consider plaid patterns for your choice in blazers, shirts, ties, and even your socks.

  3. Splash on Some Colour - If you have a colourful shirt or jacket, Christmas is its time. We’re not saying to combine strong colours. But a raspberry patterned shirt under a medium grey blazer and dark pants will let you keep your look, while making your look a little more festive.

  4. Get Transformative With Your Accessories - Going to an office party where a tie is expected? Make it a bowtie (especially if it’s plaid!). Have a collection of neat pocket squares? Try wearing one a little more loosely placed in the pocket. And who wouldn’t feel more in the spirit of the season after putting on a Christmas-themed tie-bar or set of cufflinks!

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