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3 Things to Look for in a Well-Fitted Suit

Posted on June 30 2018

What to look for in a well-fitted suit | Ed's Fine Imports

It takes a bit of a trained eye to know what to look for in a well-fitted suit, especially if you don’t shop for them often.

In a way, the fit is everything. You can wear a suit made of costly fabric woven from rare Arctic muskox (really), and it won’t do you a dollop of good if it doesn’t fit right.

But how do you know? First, talk to someone who knows. There really is no substitute for one-on-one menswear style advice that’s specific to you, your style and your needs.

That said, the following will help you spot a properly fitted suit anywhere.

1. Sleeve Length

If there’s one quick way to spot a good fit, check the sleeves. Luckily, it’s easy to become an expert. Suit sleeves should always end at the wrist bone. They’re too long if they get onto the back of your hand and too short if they stop before your wrist.

2. Pants Length

Another relatively easy one. Suit pants should touch the tops of dress shoes, any space between pants hems and shoes, although stylish for some styles of dress, doesn’t make it for a business suit. Too many folds because of the pant leg resting on the shoe is also a sign of an imperfect fit.

3. A Trim Fit

Even if you’re not exactly trim, the fit of your suit should conform to your body. Not tight, but it shouldn’t have room enough to billow in the winds - or wear a parka under the jacket. If you want to see the difference between a slim suit silhouette and something from the last century, check out this photo from the recent G7 summit in Quebec. Can you spot the world leader whose suit isn’t well fitted? See, you’re becoming an expert already!





There’s a lot more involved in making your business suits look their best. Shirts, ties, accessories and even your shoes all play a role. To learn more about looking your best in a suit, visit us here at Ed’s Fine Imports, we’ve got the right suits. the right accessories and the right advice.