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3 Quick Men's Fashion Tips for Staying Stylish this Fall

Posted on September 24 2018

3 Quick Men's Fashion Tips for Staying Stylish this Fall

There’s nothing quite like the change of seasons here in Markham and the GTA. Even if you don’t like the extremes of heat or cold, it’s always a refreshing change as we head into a new time of year. And you get to switch your wardrobe for each new season too

But the transition from one season to the next for mens’ fashions can pose a bit of a style problem. As each season progresses, you get into a a nice style groove. Then, somewhat suddenly, the seasons change. Now you need to find and get into a new seasonal fashion groove.

The result is that when we head into a new season, as we are now with fall, you can have a bit of men's fashion confusion. Something like: “i was really rocking it last fall, but I can’t quite remember the groove!”

Quick Style Tips for Mens’ Fashions this Fall

Here are just a few quick men's style tips to help you have a fashionable fall.

1. Mix Your Textures

You’ll be wearing more blazers as the weather cools. And this one works for your business suits too. Texture affects the physical look and tactile feel of a fabric. Wearing fabrics with different textures adds interest to your style. Nothing but texture can make you look a little lumpy. You may be wearing a sweater under the blazer, so you might have texture built-into the outfit before you even start, so need need to keep piling on the textures.

2. Always Keep the Lowest Blazer Button Open

Whether it’s meeting a new client or out on the town, leave you bottom blazer button undone. it makes your movement less restricted and it stops the jacket from bunching up when you least expect it.

3. Stick to the One-Signature-Accessory Rule

Accessories can make the outfit. A pocket square, lapel pin and/or cufflinks are great ways to add more personality. Unless they all compete for attention. If the pocket square adds a great splash of colour and creativity, keep your other accessories muted and let the square do it's thing.

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