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3 Mens’ Clothing Mistakes to Fix this Spring

Posted on March 28 2018

3 Mens’ Clothing Mistakes to Fix this Spring

You could wear the most expensive wardrobe in the office, but if you make some common men’s clothing mistakes, you might as well get your business suits from Walmart.

Fix these three common mistakes and get the notice that your investment in your wardrobe deserves.

1. The Billowy Shirt

You might think it will be more comfortable, or you won’t have to worry if you put on a few pounds, but buying a shirt even one size too big is never a good idea.

The extra size and ill-fit that it creates ruins the design of a shirt and the effect it should have. To know when a shirt fits properly, check the shoulder seam. It should be on top of your shoulder instead of hanging towards your bicep. The body of the shirt should conform to your torso without being tight. Anything else looks like deflated muffin tops.

2. Low-Rider Pants

Wearing pants below your waist is so last century. Your dress and suit pants should always fit around your waist, which is at least an inch and a half above your hip bone.

In addition to making your pants fit properly, wearing them at the right height makes your shirts fit better.

3. Pant Legs That Crumple When You’re Standing Straight

This is a symptom of wearing pants too low that might disappear when you eliminate mistake #2 above. In any case, the mistake here is wearing good quality pants in a way that makes it look like someone else buys your clothes for you.

The cuff of formal pants should just meet the tops of your shoes in a way that doesn’t crumple the pant legs.

One Way to Avoid All Mens’ Clothing Mistakes

Buy top quality clothing, talk to mens’ fashion experts and stay on trend. And you can do all of that right here at Ed’s Fine Imports.