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3 Men's Casual Outfit Ideas

Posted on September 20 2022

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Wearing a casual outfit, although they are simple, can be hard to coordinate. You want to still appear put together, but comfy at the same time. And, with there being sporty casual, business casual, dressy casual, and smart casual, it can be hard to figure out what casual look you are going for. 

Here are some men’s casual outfit ideas you can use for certain occasions. 

Knits with Jeans 

Whether you are going to a Christmas party or want to be comfy at home, knitwear is the ideal option. Knits come in many different prints and styles, giving you many options to find one you like. And, during the colder months they can help keep you extra warm. Pairing them with jeans can elevate the look, or you could wear them with a nicer pair of joggers for extra comfort. 

T-Shirts with Button Ups 

T-shirts are a great basic to have in your wardrobe. Not only can you own some run down t-shirts to wear when you’re outdoors, but you can have some nice basic t-shirts to elevate certain outfits. Pairing a t-shirt with a button-up is one way to make a casual outfit appear more put together. And, you can always remove the button-up during the warmer months. 

Quarter Zip With Shorts 

One way to dress up shorts is to wear a nice quarter zip with them. Quarter zips can elevate your look and allow you to stay comfy in your shorts. You should definitely have one basic quarter zip in your wardrobe for casual occasions. 

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