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12 Items in The ‘Magic Number’ Wardrobe for Men

Posted on August 08 2017

12 Items in The ‘Magic Number’ Wardrobe for Men

It’s more likely to happen when you’re late in getting ready to go to work or head out for the evening, but ‘option paralysis’ can set in any time. It’s that moment when, even with a closet full of well-selected clothes for every occasion, you just can’t decide what to wear.

In an effort to minimize option paralysis, fashion bloggers and shopaholics are touting the benefits (two of which are ’feeling calmer and happier’) of a ‘magic number’, or ‘capsule’, wardrobe. What’s that, you say? They are wardrobes that are considered complete with a minimum number of clothing items. (Here’s one for women.)

Not to be outdone, we here at Ed’s put together our own magic-number wardrobe for men. Without further ado:

1. A Classic Two-Button Black Suit

Suitable for formal occasions and versatile enough mix up with different dress pants.

2. Casual Jacket

For cooler, more casual evenings, it can work with jeans or casual pants and you can add a scarf for more warmth and style.

3. Blue Jeans

The eternal classic that has made the leap from purely casual to going well with the two-button jacket and dress shoes for a more formal look.

4. Black Wingtip Shoes

They’ll go to the office with the suit and to the pub with the jeans and they’ll never go out of style.

5. Tan Leather Plain-Toe Casual Shoes

It has ‘rubber sole’ to keep you dry and looking good. And it’s flexible, cushioned, sheepskin lining will also take you from the office to a night out without getting uncomfortable.

6. Casual Dress Pants

Available in a variety of colours, they’ll look great with the suit or casual jacket.

7. Hawaiian Shirt

We told you before that 2017 is the summer of the ‘BBQ’ shirt and it adds a splash of colour and insouciance to any wardrobe.

8. Classic White Shirt

Gives you maximum formal potential with the suit and it goes with everything else too.

9. Neck Tie, Bow Tie, Silk Scarf

Yes, we’re doing a 3-in-1 cheat here, but just these three items cover lots of fashion territory.

10. Textured Blazer

One more jacket option that means you’ll be ready for any occasion.

But that’s only 10 items! We’re leaving the last two for your personal preference. Depending how you like to go, you might want to choose some high-tops, shorts, a sweater; whatever you need to complete your own magic-number wardrobe.