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10 Winter 2016 Fashion Trends for Men

Posted on December 22 2015

10 Winter 2016 Fashion Trends for Men

While autumn has lingered long into December, winter’s here and there are few fashion trends for the well-dressed man to look for this year. Courtesy of French Vogue, here are 10 winter 2016 fashion trends for men to consider:

Fur – While it may not be the first thing you think about when you think of men’s fashions, fur has had remarkable staying power in men’s clothing for centuries. Whether it’s a full coat, or the lining on the hood of a bomber jacket, you will spot more men sporting fur on their outer wear this season.

That 70s Style – While not a full retro treatment, look for 70s-inspired highlights on clothing and outerwear. We’re talking wider lapels and collars, flared pants and graphic prints.

The Colour of the Season: Burgundy – Winters usually feature subtler tones and burgundy seems to be a popular choice with leading fashion designers this year.

Baggy Pants – Whether it’s the end of skinny jeans remains to be seen, but baggy trousers and high waistlines are in this winter.

Oversized Coats and Jackets – The trend to baggier fits and wider collars extends to outwear in the form of large, warm coats and jackets. And ¾ lengths will be popular too.

The Long Scarf – Whether worn inside your coat or out, long scarves are the accessory of choice this season.

Rollnecks and Turtlenecks – While they are a perennial winter favourite because they combine good looks and warmth, rollneck sweaters and shirts will keep you warm, and fashionable, when it gets cool this year.

Leather Pants – Yes, they are back once again. This year look for new colours like olive greens and dark blues in tailored, not tight, fits.

Leopard Prints – In what might be an extension of the 70s influence on this year’s styles, bolder fashionistas will sport leopard prints on waist coats and winter jackets.

Velvet Revival – In the comeback story of the year, velvet returns to the fore in jackets and trousers, including velvet corduroy, in a rainbow of colours, from pastels and the aforementioned burgundy, to classic beiges and browns.