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Clearance - SWIMS - CHARLES CLASSIC Navy/Grey/Black

$298.00 USD

Brimming with modern appeal and smart style, the all-new Charles Classic silhouette lends the perfect anchor to every look. Water-repellent nylon construction, rounded laces, and an anti-slip outsole provide the construct of a weather-friendly design. And, the winged-tip detail adds formality to the all-around-great boot. Also: The insoles are padded with cushioning, so they're the kind of shoes that will help you go the extra mile.

 Our Boots are made using nubuck leather. We recommend removing dirt and smudges with a rubber eraser. Lightly clean using a soft brush or suede eraser, taking care to brush in a single direction. A silicone or nubuck spray can be used to improve dirt and water resistance. Air dry.