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BONDSTREET Adult Mask (Skull + Plaid) - Adult

$20.00 CAD

These washable masks are just what you need to protect your face. Keep your nose and mouth covered whenever you're out in public. It's the perfect kit to go to and from work. With two masks, you can wear one on your way to work and then remove the filter and place it in the unused mask to go back home. 

Final sale. Non-refundable.

1. Before putting on your mask, wash or disinfect your hands.

2. Place the filter into the opening of the mask.

3. Adjust the size of the ear cords before unfolding the mask, with the nose area up, place the mask over your nose and mouth, cover your chin with the mask, put ear cords over your ears and pull.

4. After the mask is set on your face, pinch the nose clip on the bridge of your nose and avoid touching your face and the mask.

5. Before removing the mask, make sure to wash or disinfect your hands again.

  • 2 masks and 1 filter
  • 100% cotton for easy breathing
  • Interior pocket to insert filter
  • Filter made of 5 layers
  • If using the mask daily, filter should be changed every 3 days
  • If using the mask infrequently, filter should be changed after 5 days
  • Metal string at nose level for better adjustment
  • Adjustable elastics for a better fit
  • Washable and reusable 
  • Remove filter before washing
  • Machine wash gentle cycle and hang to dry
  • Not made for medical use
  • Keep your mask in a clean, contained space when you're not using it
  • Universal adult size
  • Meets airline travel requirements 
  • A mask doesn't protect you from everything. Don't forget to wash your hands!